Monday, December 22, 2008

Dhoni ka Mandir???

Yes its true!! Fans of Mahendra singh Dhoni to build temple with his statue. Jitendra kumar singh, diehard Dhoni's fan laid the foundation of a temple with a life-size statue of Dhoni, at Hawai nagar in Ranchi...What a wonder...well we should be used to it...People build temples of Amitabh so why not of Dhoni? MS Dhoni would be the first cricketer to have a temple dedicated to him.

The temple would have 1650sq ft plot. This will also show photographs and videos of Dhoni...Interesting naa??
Jitendra singh, played with Dhoni in his school so he has some rare photographs which he wish to exhibit in temple. The temple may have about 230 photographs. The expenses are not known but let see....:))

What you all guys have to say? Would this temple building of Dhoni is justified.....