Monday, December 22, 2008

Prayers instead of Celebrations!!

The season of celebrations have started. Its Christmas and then New Year. But do we really have that mood from inside to celebrate? First recession and a threat of terror, christmas and new year are witnessing a lull. After tough time and tragedy, its time to bonding with your family and soul-searching. The gilded glitter of gourmet meals and luxurious holidays is assuming a back seat. Christmas is a quite affair and people feel so superficial in the present days. Even new year celebrations seems to lack lustre. Few actresses have cancelled their performances on the new year eve.

Post terror attack, we realise how essential its to reach out people whom we take for granted. Life is so small, so why not to gather together with our families, who wait for us, when we are busy hanging around with our friends. Its is necessary to be with our loved ones, as life is too short to be with them. So let's come home with some loving this Christmas....!!